Bike-n-Camp campgrounds are members of the Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners

Bicycle Camping for Families and Small Groups

Bicycling & Camping on the back roads of Wisconsin
staying at Wisconsin’s family campgrounds.

Self planned, Self guided, 
Self paced bike & camping trips. Bike & Camp where you want, when you want, at the pace you want, the distance you want and with whom you want.

We’ll transport your gear so you can just bike-n-camp.

How it works:

1. Use the mileage chart to determine how far you want to ride

    and choose the campgrounds you would like to stay at.


2. Make the reservations at each campground and arrange for  

    gear transportation.  Each day the next campground you are

    staying at will transport your gear from the previous nights

    stay to the next campground while you enjoy your ride.

Costs for gear transport may vary depending on your group size, the distance, and the number of trips required to transport your gear and the individual campground transportation rates.

They will transport only gear such as tents, sleeping bags, pillows, sleeping pads, backpacks, duffle bags, coolers, cooking gear, small portable camp stoves (no large gas grills),  folding camp chairs, and tool bags.  No camping trailers or utility trailers.  Travel light! No pet transport.

3. Plan your route based on the recommended bike routes 

     using the state and county bike maps on this site.


4. Arrange a time for your gear to be picked up with the next

     campground on your trip.


5. Pack your gear each day so it is ready to be transported to

     the next bike-n-camp campground.

6. Bike

7. Camp

8.  Go to step 5, repeat and have fun.



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